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Selling English programmes

DialoguE Selling English programmes are designed to provide you with the key skills, tools and terminology to operate in an international selling environment. Whether you need assistance with writing selling reports in English or need to expand your knowledge of selling language, DialoguE and its team of specialist Selling English trainers are uniquely placed to assist you.

Selling English Focus
The focus of the Selling English Course is on the use and development of English language skills in a selling context, which will include lectures, presentations, discussions, problem solving, and writing on technical topics.
Bring please any documents, manuals, books, or material used by your company or industry so that we may custom-taylor English vocabulary to your specific needs.

Selling English Topics available include, for example:
Sales communication strategies: Preparation, Approach, Need and problem identification, Presentation and demonstration, Negotiation, Close, Follow-up and after sales service, etc.

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